Best Android Games for April 2023

Here is our compilation of best Android and iOS games for April 2023. There is something for everyone, from puzzles to RPG and hard-core esport. Check it out, download and enjoy.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Jump, dive, slide and punch your way through a fantastically brutal Meat Boy challenge without ever having to leave your bathroom. Available now for $0.99 on both Android and iOS.  Join the heroic duo as they rescue their daughter, Nugget, from the clutches of the villainous Dr. Fetus.

LEGO Bricktales

One of the most anticipated sandbox games on PC, LEGO Bricktales launched on Android and iOS. Thunderful, the developer of the game promises optimized touchscreen controls, immersive graphics and relaxing gameplay. The launch itself makes this game a multi platform title.

Peglin – A Pachinko Roguelike

Peglin, the game that gained massive support on Steam is now officially released on Android and iOS. This Peggle/Slay the spire inspired puzzle RPG will get you hooked in no time. The developers from Red Nexus Games are getting everything ready for the big 1.0 release that should happen any day now (the game is technically still in Early Access), and this includes the mobile port that was just released on the official stores.

Pocket City 2

Pocket City 2 is the long anticipated sequel to the popular city-builder game from Codebrew Games. It’s finally here on both mobile platforms. The most notable new features are the brand new 3D engine that allows you to develop your settlement with surgical precision, tiny little tweaks and optimizations, quality of life features and much more.

Sin Stone Saga

Sin Stone Saga is a brand new gacha RPG, that so far has been released in select countries only. The developer, Langeare Studio Limited, is now announcing that the game is finally available worldwide on both Android and iOS as the download count exceeds 10.000 on the Google Play store alone.

Farlight 84

Farlight 84, a free to play battle royale game coming from FARLIGHT, just received the V14.3 update. As the update rolled out, the developers announced that the game is finally ready for a global launch on both Android and iOS. Since the PC version is on Steam for some time now, cross-play is working nicely just like Fortnite, but unlike Fortnite, it can be downloaded from the official stores.

Farlight 84 update 14.3 trailer

Honkai: Star Rail

With over 10 millions pre-registrations, Honkai: Star Rail confidently takes on Android and iOS stores, promising to deliver epic space fantasy RPG experience. The 3D rendered scenery and the amazing Anime style graphics will keep you hooked for a long time. The developers from Cognosphere also announced that Honkai is now available on Epic Store and as native client (PC).

Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers is a footbrawl, a healthy mixture of football and brawl, simple as that. Originally published for PC and Nintendo Switch, the mobile version for Android and iOS is finally ready to download, or so they say from Odyssey Interactive. Links are live, but the download button may be missing, depending on your region.

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Super Planet expended their portfolio with yet another Clicker (tapper?) RPG game, Tap dragon: Little Knight Luna, released on both Android and iOS. If you like tapping or idle games and cute characters, you might as well check it out. Plus, the developers have prepared “generous” rewards for everyone that creates a new account in the game.

Viking Rise

Are you a fan of strategy games? As the Viking leader, how will you lead your Tribe to explore, plunder, and conquer the world of Midgard? Will you participate in the war games? Famous Heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history are ready to win wars with you. Strategize and use your wits to utilize the strengths of your Heroes!

Unmatched: Digital Edition

Unmatched: Digital Edition is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed board game, where two (or more) opponents command characters from myth, history, or fiction in a battle for the ages! Have you ever wondered who would win, King Arthur (aided by Merlin) or a sword-wielding Alice of Wonderland? How would Sinbad and his trusty porter fare against Medusa and the three harpies? The only way to find the truth is in battle with a quick game of Unmatched!

Ragnarok Origin Global

The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online is now live on mobile as Ragnarok Origin! Immerse yourself in a vast fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and extraordinary characters. Explore massive landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and dreadful dungeons with your pets and pals!

Note: SEA only!

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