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Those are our friends (not partners), just a list of friendly web-sites that we like. Feel free to pay them a visit, everything below is “safe for work”. If you like to be our friends, contacts us.

Fun With Frustration

A blog by Brian Peterson who worked in the video game industry in various positions for over 12 years, from retail to community management to product management. His post are bridging the gap between the game industry and its fans, from customer support, community management, and product management perspectives within the industry while keeping the thoughts and feelings of game consumers in mind.

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A newly formed group with focus on YouTube videos featuring variety of handheld/retro gaming related content. Some tech fiddling and mods. Aiming for useful content, like guides, tips & tricks and tutorials. Might be a review of a game and some bits of play time. Just this and that really. And a lot of B button smashing.

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