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Ultimate Sackboy Review (Gameplay Video)

Exient’s newest runner, Ultimate Sackboy, is finally available globally on Android and iOS. Fans of LittleBigPlanet’s universe can now run like the wind in this timed running game, open bags and play dress-up with their characters. There are daily missions, head-to-head challenges and of course, season pass in two variants, free and premium.

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About the game

If we take a look at the past decade of Android and iOS gaming, endless runners evolved to a point where nothing new can be invented. But, that can also be a good thing for a game that is (obviously) late to the party. Although Ultimate Sackboy doesn’t bring a groundbreaking rules and moves, think of it as an evolution of the genre, but not a revolution.

Graphics are nice, controls are smooth and there are no interrupting ads between the runs. You have a battlepass (or seasonpass) that you can either pay for ($7.99), or ignore it completely and reap only the lower tier rewards. Other in-app purchases are ranging from $0.99 – $9.99 per item which is completely reasonable for a freemium game in my books.

Here is the gameplay video I recorded:

Ultimate Sackboy Gameplay

if you get a podium finish 3 times, you will unlock head-to head challenge. However, you are still running alone. The run is timed, and the person who gets most points (orbs collected) wins. All that said, I really don’t see where the “head-to-head challenges” mentioned in the press-release are. I was expecting a battle runner like Sonic Dash (scrapped by SEGA) at least in some parts, but I don’t think that is going to happen. This is a timed, single-player running game, with collective score gathering online. Not a trace of multiplayer in sight.


If you like running games in general, give Ultimate Sackboy a try. I think you won’t be disappointed if you don’t expect battle running with other players in the first place. In-app purchases are optional, costumes are cute and it’s always fun to play it on the go as runs last under a minute.

Dejan B. – “Ultimate Sackboy Review (Gameplay Video)”

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