Omega Strikers for Android and iOS

Omega Strikers is a footbrawl, a healthy mixture of football and brawl, simple as that. Originally published for PC and Nintendo Switch, the mobile version for Android and iOS is finally ready to download, or so they say from Odyssey Interactive. Links are live, but the download button may be missing, depending on your region.

About the game

Experience exhilarating matches as you battle it out on the arena, aiming to knock your opponents out and secure goals in this high-speed 3v3 footbrawler. Utilize slingshots to launch slimes, hurl tofu projectiles, and engage rocket boosts to secure victory, all while embodying the unique style of one of over 15 impressive Strikers. Collaborate with your friends, outmaneuver your adversaries, and ascend to the coveted title of an Omega Striker.

Within Omega Strikers, a constantly expanding lineup of extraordinary and formidable Strikers awaits, each unlockable through regular gameplay. From the very beginning, you can engage in 3v3 ranked matches, casual games, Quick Play sessions, and even customized lobbies. The developers have plans for additional maps and modes to further enhance your gaming experience. Should you desire a more immersive involvement, there are cosmetic items and battle passes available for purchase within the app.


Omega Strikers is available on Android and iOS from the official stores, but you can also get it on PC (Steam) and Nintendo switch. The game is free to play with optional in-app purchases in form of microtransactions.

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