Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna for Android and iOS

Super Planet expended their portfolio with yet another Clicker (tapper?) RPG game, Tap dragon: Little Knight Luna, released on both Android and iOS. If you like tapping or idle games and cute characters, you might as well check it out. Plus, the developers have prepared “generous” rewards for everyone that creates a new account in the game.

About the game

‘Tap Dragon’ is a clicker RPG that immerses players in an epic adventure. The story revolves around Luna, a courageous young knight who embarks on a mission to rescue her scattered companions from the clutches of the nefarious Dark Lord, As.

Building upon the success of previous projects like “Castle of Nightmare,” “Luna: The Dragon of Kelpy Mountain,” and “Re: The Dimensional Watcher,” this game has secured a dedicated community of fans. Its fairytale-inspired visuals and a delicate balance between warmth and darkness have captivated players, making it a beloved series.

As you gather skills and weapons and assist Luna and her companions in their quest, playing Tap Dragon will become a more enjoyable and effortless experience. Prepare yourself for an enticing blend of TAP and Idle RPG mechanics.

You’ll discover a total of 5 dungeons, each with its unique concept. Engage in thrilling PvP battles amidst the treacherous terrain of ‘Bloodwind Canyon,’ while also gathering valuable resources to aid Luna in conquering the unforgiving stages of the Nightmare Castle.

Moreover, brace yourself for the presence of colossal and menacing creatures that change daily in the Daily Dungeon. From the mighty ‘Adol,’ a beast a hundred times larger than Luna, to the weeping ‘Leia’ and elusive ‘Lulumu’ concealed within the mist, Luna will face off against different formidable monsters every day.


To check out Luna, just follow the links below. The game is “lightweight” both storage and hardware-wise.

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