Ticket to Ride official mobile launch

Marmelade Games released their acclaimed board game adaptation, Ticket to Ride on Android and iOS. As players requested to play the Steam version “on the go”, Marmelade’s response was a mobile version, bringing everything the original has to offer, plus a couple of improvements tailored for mobile gamers specifically.

The mobile version comes a response to players’ requests to be able to play the game on the go. As always with Marmalade games, Ticket to Ride allows cross-platform multiplayer, enabling people to play with their friends and family regardless of their devices.” So, yes – per the official press release, cross-platform play is fully supported.

In addition to all the “Steam version” features, this one incorporates a brand new “adaptive AI system”. Meaning that you can play the game solo, while your opponents are controlled by the AI. This will be handy for those who don’t have unlimited data, or travelling abroad.

We’ve always prioritized actively listening and responding to our players’ desires and with Ticket to Ride we’ve enjoyed amazing support and engagement from our player-base. The transparent roadmap, detailing our commitment to ongoing support through 2024 and beyond, is a testament to our dedication. Your feedback drives us, and together, we’re shaping the future of our game.

Michael Willis, co-CEO of Marmalade Game Studio


Ticket to Ride has a price tag of $4.99 on both platforms (regional pricing applies). The Europe map comes as an in-app purchase, and there are no ads whatsoever. To get the game just follow the links below.

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