Heroes Bang: Idle RPG Arena Gameplay Video

Heroes Bang is a global AFK Idle RPG game available for free on Android and iOS. The premise is simple, summon heroes, equip armor and complete adventures. Each hero has unique abilities that you can activate manually or let the auto pilot take over the entire battlefield.

In the year 2350, the Space Gem arrived on Earth, releasing alien monsters that caused widespread chaos and despair. During this challenging time, you are the only one willing to rise and gather superheroes with diverse backgrounds and distinctive abilities to rescue the world and defend humanity.

Heroes Bang: Idle RPG Arena Gameplay

Game Features

    Summon a variety of SSR heroes from six camps in this epic AFK game. Join forces with them, explore their superpowers, and unlock their full potential in the Idle RPG.
    Set your heroes to battle automatically while you idle. Return to claim epic equipment, abundant AFK rewards, and summon legendary heroes. Just spend 10 minutes a day for endless fun without the grind!
    Confront crises in the idle arena, adjust tactics, and use different hero combinations and skills to lead your legend heroes to victory in the AFK RPG.
    Summon legend heroes to face epic bosses with alliance friends. Open the lucky treasure gacha and acquire massive alliance resources in this fantasy journey RPG.
    Summon friends to enhance combat effectiveness quickly and unlock more exciting AFK gameplay. Explore Roguelike Exotic Expedition, tackle the Challenge Arena, engage in Interstellar Recruitment, enter PvP Legend Arena, and more unique adventure battles await!


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