Sin Stone Saga for Android and iOS

Sin Stone Saga is a brand new gacha RPG, that so far has been released in select countries only. The developer, Langeare Studio Limited, is now announcing that the game is finally available worldwide on both Android and iOS as the download count exceeds 10.000 on the Google Play store alone.

About the game

Set in a fantasy realm called Sin Stone, the game follows a quest to unveil the dark secrets that the antagonists have long kept hidden. Your objective is to track down the power of the sin stone and restore peace to the realm.

Travel across different maps, meet more powerful companions, collect epic loot, and advance together against powerful enemies.

The developer is promising fast and unique combat style, many dungeons to explore and challenging bosses.

We don’t want to affect life by focusing on combat for a long time, so we want to bring the most friendly game rhythm to players. A short-term, simple and easy-to-grow system allows players to discover more possibilities.

Langeare Studio Limited


If you are looking for a new Japanese anime style gacha RPG to play on the go, you can get Sin Stone Saga from Google Play and Apple Store for free.

About Langeare Studio Limited

The team of Langeare Studio was established in 2019 and established as a limited company in 2020. The team has three core members, they’re come from well-known local game production company and idol management company. “Sin Stone Saga” is the first game made by Langeare Studio after its establishment, those core members have wealth of experience in game production and marketing so beside the new creativity and unique gameplay, the game also included a lot of market considerations, that’s why we hope that “Sin Stone Saga” is a game that accepted by the market.

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