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RetroArch Console and Arcade Bios Downloads

Bios files for RetroArch and other emulators. In this list you will find all you need to emulate Arcade and Home Consoles. For Home computer files, head here.


SystemBios Download Link
Mame LogoDownload MAME
neogeologoDownload SNK NEOGEO Bios (

Nintendo Consoles

SystemBios Download Link
GB LogoDownload Nintendo Game Boy Bios
GBC LogoDownload Nintendo Game Boy Color Bios
gba logoDownload Nintendo Game Boy Advance Bios
SGB BiosDownload Nintendo Super Game Boy Bios
pokemon mini logoDownload Nintendo Pokemon Mini Bios
Family Computer Disk SystemDownload Nintendo Family Computer Disk System Bios
SatellaviewDownload Nintendo Satellaview Bios
NDS LogoDownload Nintendo DS Bios
3ds logoDownload Nintendo 3DS Bios

SEGA Consoles

SystemBios Download Link
genesisDownload SEGA Genesis Bios
sega msDownload SEGA Master System Bios
sega sg1000Download SEGA SG-1000 Bios
sega gg1Download SEGA Game Gear Bios
Download SEGA CD Bios
genesis 32Download SEGA Genesis 32x Bios
Dreamcast LogoDownload Dreamcast Bios
sega saturnDownload Sega Saturn Bios

SONY Consoles

SystemBios Download Link
PSX LogoDownload SONY Playstation 1 / PSX Bios
ps2 logoDownload SONY Playstation 2 Bios
psp logoDownload SONY PSP Bios

Atari Consoles

SystemBios Download Link
Atari 2600Download Atari 2600 Bios
atari 5200Download Atari 5200 Bios
Atari 7800Download Atari 7800 Bios
jaguar logoDownload Atari Jaguar Bios
lynx logoDownload Atari Lynx Bios
Atari Falcon STDownload Atari Falcon (ST) Bios

Other Consoles

SystemBios Download Link
3d0 logoDownload Panasonic 3D0 Bios
coleco logoDownload MSX/SVI/ColecoVision/SG-1000 (blueMSX) Bios
intellivision logoDownload Intellivision (FreeIntv) Bios
turbografx16 logoDownload TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine Bios
SupergrafxDownload PCE SuperGrafx Bios
PCFX LogoDownload NEC PC-FX (Beetle PC-FX) Bios
super cassette visionDownload Super Cassette Vision (EmuSCV) Bios
vectrexDownload Vectrex Bios
neogeo pocketDownload NeoGeo Pocket/Color (RACE, Beetle NeoPop) Bios
neogeo cdDownload NeoGeo CD (neocd_libretro) Bios

RetroArch Home Computer Bios Downloads >>>

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