Devil War – Android Gameplay

Devil War: 3D Shooting Game is a new first person shooter for Android, developed and published by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games. The premise is simple, you are a Doom-like guy, weapons all around you and demons spawning in front. Kill them all.

About the game

To be honest, there really isn’t much of a story here. Devil World intro shows you falling from the heavens into (presumably) hell, you are given a gun and instructed to point at the demon’s heads. That’s pretty much it. Get better guns, kill more demons to get better gear, to kill more demons.

There is a story mode that features 7 areas (and 7 bosses), a friendly pet demons that follow you and provide buffs and awesome guns from pistols to rocket launchers and beyond.

The gameplay is smooth and the game rarely slows down. The gunplay is fine and the touch-screen controls are responsive. If you are looking for a quick dirty fun to shoot some demons and breed pets, go ahead and try it out.

Here is my gameplay video (first 10 minutes or so).

Devil War – Android Gameplay

Features (as listed by the developer)

  • Complete 7 areas, defeat 7 lords and eliminate deadly sins
  • Resist the attack of devils, kill lords and obtain powerful equipment
  • Develop your pet – imp, he will help you in battles
  • Equip more powerful weapons, build your arsenal, handle the battle with ease
  • Upgrade to the top equipment, improve attributes, you are invincible
  • Advance your hero, unlock various divine skills
  • Complete missions to get lots of rewards


As far as I know, Devil War is only available on Android and I am not entirely sure if it’s out of early-access or not (the game is not listed on the developers website). Anyway, it weights around 350MB and will run on pretty much any Android device from the past 3-4 years.

Dejan B. – “Devil War – Android Gameplay”

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