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Tower Brawl for Android review (Gameplay Video)

Tower Brawl is a new game for Android by DOMO ZOO, currently in soft-launch (US and Asia). The developers claim that this is both casual and competitive tower battler, with CO-OP missions as well. It offers pleasant, colorful, yet simplistic graphics, cards that you can collect, upgrade and summon, heroes with unique abilities and much more. You can check out the short gameplay video right here.

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About the game

After the short tutorial (that you can’t really skip), you are welcomed by the main screen where you only really have two options, PvP battle or CO-OP mode. Whichever you choose, you will be summoned on the battlefield where your tower sits on the left side of your screen.

Now, to point something that the tutorial didn’t bother to explain. You don’t actually summon the monsters, you summon the tower heroes. Each floor has two rooms, and you can populate it with one of your heroes from the deck. Once the first room is full, you must upgrade the tower to summon another type of hero, or you can re-summon a hero that already exists (in the tower). This action will literally upgrade it.

Just watch the video, it’s much simpler than it sounds.

Tower Brawl Gameplay video

Is it fun?

Once you have a couple of battles under your belt, thigs are clicking in place. There really isn’t anything extremely complicated that you should pay attention to. There are heroes, you collect heroes, you upgrade them when enough copies are collected and that’s pretty much it.

Yes, there are synergies between specific types of heroes, but that will probably remain irrelevant in the first week, or even month as you climb the PvP ladder. Speaking of PvP, even though the developers are claiming that Tower Brawl features “real time PvP battles”, I am not entirely convinced that all of them are against living humans. Most of them felt like the opponent tower is controlled by a (not so clever) AI, but I might be wrong about this.

Battles can last anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes, and you will have fun for the most part, unless you are clearly inferior to your opponent. In that case you can easily forfeit and try again.

You can watch ads in exchange for rewards, but that’s pretty much it. There are no annoying ads between battles or anything like that. The in-app purchases seem reasonable, and if they are optional or not, you can find out when the honey moon is over (probably around a week or two). There is also a battle-pass in two flavors, free and premium.


As I mentioned previously, the game is in soft-launch and the Google Play version will allow you to download it only in US or Asia. But you can easily use a VPN to defeat this restriction, or download and side-load the APK. I am currently in EU and after installing the game, you can just turn off the VPN. The latency to the US servers is around 150ms, which is not too bad.

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