Cell to Singularity Episode 21 update

The game that allows you to tap your way through the evolutionary stages of life, Cell to Singularity, is about to receive a massive update on Steam, Android and iOS. This idle clikcer incorporates the latest scientific findings about the universe and captured the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide.

“Beyond E21: Echoes of Earth” arrives at a time when ChatGPT has raised questions about sentient A.I. and the latest scientific research suggests that there are potentially 300 million habitable planets in the galaxy (source: CNN).

Players embark on a quest to discover new planets as Earth faces climate change and resource depletion. The game unfolds within a simulation led by Semblance, an authoritative AI seeking players’ assistance in creating an ideal life model.

Episode 21 Trailer

Every episode, as life in the universe has grown more varied and complex, the number of players has increased and become even more committed to the mission of the game. With ‘Echoes of Earth,’ that interest has increased exponentially. Players are excited to experience the wonders of exoplanets like Enaiposha, whose atmosphere is believed to be composed of water vapor.Andrew Garrahan, Co-Founder, Computer Lunch

Arriving on the 50th anniversary of Pioneer 10, which on December 4, 1973 (source: NASA) sent back the first images of Jupiter of ever-increasing size and opened the gateway to deep space, “Echoes of Earth” sets a new benchmark for the genre of scientifically accurate but engaging gameplay that Cell to Singularity pioneered.

KEY FEATURES: “Beyond E21: Echoes of Earth”

  •         Uncover mysterious Interstellar Objects that are undergoing investigation today.
  •         Traverse the diverse exoplanets that make up the Trappist-1 System.
  •         Return to our home system to unlock a Space Telescope.
  •         Unlock and learn about three new, exciting generators on the Beyond tree: Enaiposha, Kepler-186f and the Trappist-1 System.
  •         Boost your Beyond simulation with up to six new Enhancement Trait Cards, from Water Worlds to Perils of Life.
  •         Embark on a new Astronomy Mission with Space Telescopes.

Two new constellations are accompanying this earthy update: Lyra and Hydra. Save up and use 27 Constellation Fragments to complete them both.

  •         Unlock Lyra to increase the Earth-Like Trait Card speed by x1.5.
  •         Unlock Hydra to increase your Click Power by x3.


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