Honkai: Star Rail global launch (Android & iOS)

With over 10 millions pre-registrations, Honkai: Star Rail confidently takes on Android and iOS stores, promising to deliver epic space fantasy RPG experience. The 3D rendered scenery and the amazing Anime style graphics will keep you hooked for a long time. The developers from Cognosphere also announced that Honkai is now available on Epic Store and as native client (PC).

About the game

Honkai: Star Rail is a fresh addition to the HoYoverse, featuring a space-themed fantasy RPG. Embark on the Astral Express and explore the boundless wonders of the galaxy, where excitement and adventure await. Players will encounter new allies from different realms, and possibly reunite with old acquaintances. Together, they must overcome the challenges posed by Stellaron and uncover its concealed secrets. Let this journey guide us towards the stars!


  • Riveting RPG Experience — A best-in-class immersive adventure beyond the stars

Embark on a galactic adventure where you shape the story. Our cutting-edge engine renders high-quality cinematics in real-time, our innovative facial expression system concocts genuine sentiments, and HOYO-MiX’s original score sets the stage. Join us now and journey through a universe of conflict and collaboration, where your choices define the outcome!

  • Reimagining Tactical Combat — Exploit weaknesses, battle to your heart’s desire

Get ready for exciting battles with a satisfying rhythm! Use a brand-new command combat system that enables simple yet strategic controls, employ Techniques and suppress enemies with different Types’ Weakness Breaks, then finish the fight with style via a stunning Ultimate. In the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe, surprising random events and nearly 100 different Blessings and Curios will grant you an incredible boost in abilities, allowing you to challenge a more unpredictable combat environment.

  • Top-Tier Voice Actors for an Immersive Experience — A dream team of multiple language dubs assembled for the entire story

When words come alive, when stories give you a choice, when characters possess a soul… We present to you dozens of emotions, hundreds of facial expressions, thousands of lore pieces, and a million words that make up this universe’s beating heart. With full voice-over in four languages, the characters will transcend their virtual existences and become your tangible companions, creating a new chapter in this tale together with you.


D.B. – Honkai: Star Rail global launch (Android & iOS)

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