Pocket City 2 for Android and iOS

Pocket City 2 is the long anticipated sequel to the popular city-builder game from Codebrew Games. It’s finally here on both mobile platforms. The most notable new features are the brand new 3D engine that allows you to develop your settlement with surgical precision, tiny little tweaks and optimizations, quality of life features and much more.

About the game

Pocket City 2 allows players to create zones near the roads, add various facilities to their city, raise the population, and manage finances. The game’s tutorial is effective in onboarding players, but starting with an easy city is recommended to get used to the mechanics. Pocket City 2 offers three difficulty levels and a sandbox mode that allows players to begin with infinite money, disabling quests, and maximum levels. Difficulty affects terrain, upgrade cost, and citizens.


  • Build a unique city by creating zones and new special buildings
  • Explore your city by controlling your avatar directly
  • Enjoy a dynamic environment with seasons and a day night cycle
  • Play minigames like street racing, plane flying, and much more
  • Trigger fun events like block parties, or disasters like tornadoes
  • Complete quests to earn XP and money
  • Customize your avatar with clothing and tools
  • Become a homeowner and furnish your own house
  • Visit buildings in your city to buy items and find loot
  • Invest and build long-term mega projects
  • Encounter and help NPCs around your city
  • Spend research points to gain valuable perks
  • Invite a friend to collaborate on your city in real-time
  • Unlock special rewards by competing against rival towns
  • Unleash your creative side in Sandbox Mode
  • Play in both landscape and portrait mode


Pocket City 2 has a price tag of around $5 (USD), but rest assured that you will get your moneys worth. Not only this game stands out, but is arguably the best city builder currently available on Android and iOS. Remember, once you spend $5 upfront, there are no more microtransactions, ads or other nuisances, everything is acquirable by simply playing the game, and the developers are constantly rolling out updates to fix minor bugs and tweak the gameplay even further.

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