Lost Realm: Chronorift Gameplay Video

Lost Realm: Chronorift by the Chinese developer DroidHen (funded by Sequoia Capital China), is the latest addition of the Idle/RPG genre on Android and iOS. The game has the looks of Hades, a classic indie title that took the world by surprise couple of years ago, but that’s where the similarities end.

To be fair, I don’t have any information if the art style looks the same for a reason, or DroidHen decided to copy/paste almost everything because it looks good. It is what it is, and the fact remains that Lost Realm: Chronorift looks good. Gameplay-wise, it’s a classic Idle/RPG game with autobattle system, where you summon heroes, level them up, equip armor and weapons and hope for the best.

The game has unnecessarily long tutorial that locks you out from exploring the menus on your own and lasts around 10 minutes (give or take), which is absurd since there is nothing here that we haven’t seen in thousands other similar titles. The mechanics, instead of employing the traditional 5 elements that counter each-other, offers only 4. However, you do have a choice of tanks (front line) and casters/support heroes that stand in the back (for a total of 5 on the field). You can’t deploy duplicate heroes.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Gameplay

Of course, the first time you start playing, the game will “drown” you with tiny little rewards, “over-the-top” offers, daily quests, free chests, enchantments and currencies. All of that is fine, although you will struggle to get a grasp of what is really important in the first couple of days. After the “honeymoon” phase is over, you will grind stages in hope to get that one missing ingredient to level up your star hero, until your energy is gone for the day.


Lost Realm: Chronorift is available on Android and iOS, as a freemium game. You can expect reasonable progress, at least for a while, after which you can spend some cash in the in-game store, or start watching ads. If you like the “Hades” art style, and idle/RPG games, you will probably enjoy Lost Realms: Chronorift. I deliberately left out the story because in my opinion, it’s completely bonkers. To download the game, just follow the links below.

by Dejan B.

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