UNDECEMBER Act 12 released

On April 28, LINE Games released a new part of the story, Act 12 ‘Ganida’, and implemented major content updates for the hack & slash Action RPG, ‘UNDECEMBER’, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games. The update should be live on all platforms, including Android and iOS.

What’s new?

‘Ganida’ is a fresh storyline that picks up where Episode 3’s ‘Ortemis’ left off, taking place in the previously unexplored maritime nation of ‘Ganida.’ Players will confront more than 40 novel monsters across 18 newly designed stages encompassing 9 unique themes. As they progress through the narrative, they will encounter formidable bosses, presenting a challenging journey for their characters.

UNDECEMBER Act 12 Trailer

More Varied and Exciting Play with Major New Content
With the update, new skills, including ‘Whirlwind Barrage’, have been added along with the new weapon, ‘Bowgun’.  Moreover, the solo content ‘Constellation of Time’ has been added, which will enhance the fun experienced by users as they get to glimpse into the past of the main characters in the game’s story.
In addition, ‘Bounty’ and ‘Black Market’ content have also been introduced for the first time with this update. Users can obtain and collect ‘Pirate Coins’ by clearing ‘Bounty’ missions, and exchange them for various items at the ‘Black Market’. 
Experience More Challenging Play with ‘Season Mode’
‘Season Mode’ is new content that has been introduced to UNDECEMBER for the first time. Users can experience more challenging play by creating new characters to play in ‘Season Mode’, or grow both existing and new characters more powerfully and quickly in ‘Standard Mode’.
Seasons will take place for 3-4 months. In addition, characters that have been grown in ‘Season Mode’ will be transferred to ‘Standard Mode’ once the season ends, and can therefore continue to grow in Standard Mode as well.
Major Update Celebration Gifts for All Users
To celebrate the major update that has taken place, including the addition of ‘Ganida’ and ‘Season Mode’, all UNDECEMBER users will be gifted various items.

  • Pet ‘Boros’ and ‘Pet Ability (1 Day)’

20 Resurrection Scrolls (10 for Season Mode / 10 for Standard Mode)


UNDECEMBER is available on Android, iOS and Steam. Crossplay and cross-saves are supported, meaning you can pick up where you left off on your PC and slay ahead on your phone. Download it by following the links below.

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