Android devices are becoming stronger every year, enabling the development of better and visually stunning games. But sometimes, some of us want to replay games from the past that were available on some other platform. For that purpose there are programs that can emulate other systems, allowing us to experience the excitement once again. Luckily Android is powerful enough to support emulation, and year after year more emulators are being released for various computer platforms and consoles. Here at AndroGaming, we appreciate the effort developers put in, so we decided to devote part of our time on testing some of these apps, notify you of important updates and new emulator releases. So we decided to put up a list(s) of all the emulators hat can be used to play games  (both free and paid), organize them by platform and when possible, put some of them on test.

To keep it short and simple, our main list will include only one or two of the best emulators per system, based on user ranking and number of downloads from the Google Play Store. We decided to prefer emulator apps available on the Google Play in order to simplify the installation process for those users that don’t know how to transfer APK files on their devices. Our full list will include all of the currently maintained emulators, regardless if they are present in the store, distributed on forums or dedicated websites, along with a hefty illustrated guide how to transfer and install APK files manually. We will try out best to keep this list updated, remove abandoned projects and add new ones as they become available. You are welcome to comment, suggest or inform us about new releases and updates.

Legal Disclaimer

Emulators are perfectly legal to own and use, however in order to get the necessary ROM and Bios files, you will have to own the system and the game you intend to play respectively.  AndroGaming will not provide those files, look elsewhere. Furthermore, AndroGaming can not be held responsible if anything bad happens to your device by installing the software listed here.

Now that we got our behinds covered, let us proceed with the list.

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