Best new Android games released in October 2022

Best new Android games released in October 2022 list, from casual to hardcore from free to paid. In October we’ve seen a bunch of new Android games, and more are on their way. We’ve gathered together ten of the best new Android games to play in October 2022, so you can check them out and get your game on. This is our top 10 list of new Android games released this month.

Rockstar Life

Start as a wannabe Rockstar in a basement flat and work your way up to becoming the most successful Rockstar.You don’t get to decide your band members, but still you have to deal with problems caused by them. You don’t get to choose the genre of Rock Music you want to perform, but you still have to deal with fans who don’t think the sponsor you got fit your style.

Price: 4.39$

Released on Oct 3, 2022

Platform: Android & Steam

Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere is a SRPG featured by Real-time Tower Defense gameplay.

[In the year N.F.112, you are appointed to be the Chief of MBCC]

Welcome to Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. As the Chief, you are obligated to Shackle and Control the most vicious outlaws—Sinners, to Protect the city from falling. Hold on to the light in the darkness and salvage hope from despair.

Price: Free, contains IAPs

Released on Oct 21, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS


NEKO GOLF is a mobile game where players compete against each other during golf matches. In Japan, it is known as Shironeko Gold. The game can be played with gamers from all over the world or with friends. Golf club control is done by swiping and flicking your finger to hit the hole. The game features a variety of courses and golfers to choose from.

Price: Free, contains ads, IAPs

Released on Oct 25, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS

Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG

Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG is a vertical, semi-autoplay shooter from About Fun. This is a new zombie shooter game that arrives just in time for Halloween. The blood is green, zombies are angry and you – you have a vast amount of disposal tools. Cook them, boil them, do what you want, but first shoot them dead.

Read our review here.

Price: Free, contains ads, IAP’s

Released on Oct 3, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS

Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Racoon is a brand new 3D action roguelike game from XD Games and Big-Cat Studio. The developers announced that open-beta test starts tomorrow (8th October), but you can download it right now on Android from another source.

Read our preview here, with gameplay video.

Price: Free, contains IAP’s

Released on Oct 7, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS

Homeworld Mobile: Sci-Fi MMO

Homeworld Mobile is an RTS game that will take you through an unexplored galaxy that will require every bit of your wit. Embark on a space adventure to acquire resources, engage enemies, forge pacts, and lead your fleet in this Homeworld-bound odyssey.

Price: Free, contains IAP’s

Released on Oct 6, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS

Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory is a Turn-based Strategy game in a futuristic global cold war from the award-winning creators of Out There. Recruit a squad of special agents and run your intel agency to secure the control of the singularity.

Price: 6.99$

Released on Oct 14, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS

PC Creator 2

PC Creator 2 is a new game from CREATY LLC, available on Android and iOS. This game intends to give you the “PC Building Simulator” feeling on the go, with simplified graphics and touch-optimized controls. Everyone who wants to play PC Building Simulator on Android, this is as close as you can get.

Read our full review & gameplay video here.

Price: Free, contains ads, IAP’s

Released on Aug 24, 2022

Platform: Android & iOS


UNCHANGED – The fun of Hack & Slash comes from annihilating countless enemies at once. As a genre where character growth is tied to devastating enemies to obtain new items, the focus was set upon the proposition to “gain strength after wiping out enemies” during development.

UNDECEMBER is a cross-platform ARPG with crossplay enabled between PC (Steam), Android & iOS.

Price: Free, IAP’s

Released on Oct 8, 2022

Platform: Android, iOS, PC (Steam)

Torchlight: Infinite

Another big hit release this month is definitely Torchlight Infinite. Take off to the journey with Torchlight heroes dedicated in conquering the darkness and restoring light to the land of Leptis in this true loot-based ARPG. Build your very own heroes with ultimate build flexibility, loot-based grinding and extravagant boss fights.

Torchlight: Infinite is a cross-platform ARPG with crossplay enabled between PC (Steam), Android & iOS.

Price: Free, IAP’s

Released on Oct 11, 2022

Platform: Android, iOS, PC (Steam)

This is our top picks list for Android & iOS games (October 2022). If you are looking for more games, check out our GAMES section, or the NEWS section for upcoming titles and popular updates.

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