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Infinity Party Battle Android review

Infinity Party Battle is new play 2 earn game from Clegames Inc. It combines merging and tower defense with online PvP and Co-Op battles, card collection and something called INFI token. Developers are promising NFT rewards as well, but can it be that simple to earn money just by playing a game? Let’s find out. Here is my short review of Infinity Party Battle.

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About the game

Let’s put aside everything that is crypto or NFT related, and take a look at the game itself. Infinity Party Battle is easy to pick up and play. The core concept revolves around heroes (cards) that you can place on the battlefield and by merging, try to outlast your opponent on the upper side of the screen. Simple rules, but there is a catch. The player that kills 50 monsters first will summon a dark shade on the opponent lane, an enemy that is way harder to kill compared to normal monsters. After the first 3 waves, taken you both survive that far, the level boss comes in. Kill it and the new round starts with brand new boss. The first player that leaks 3 monsters loses.

In addition to the merging part, there are couple of spells at your disposal. They proved to be my “Hail Mary” when all hell broke loose. However, mana regeneration is slow, so use the wisely.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the gameplay, rest is statistics (wins vs loses), card grinding and upgrades, chests, rewards etc. Of course you have a battle pass too, free version, but also a paid one (with “normal” money).

You can only play with, or against someone, there is no singleplayer story, chapters or anything else.

Play 2 Earn, Crypto and the NFTs

To be perfectly clear, I had no idea this game has anything to do with crypto or NFTs. I stumbled upon it on twitter, downloaded it and just played for about 2 hours. Later when I decided to put it on our blog, while reading the description on the Play Store I noticed “welcome to blockchain tower defense game”. Then it came back to me, oh that’s why there are 3 separate currencies in the game.

Anyway, yes you can earn something called “INFI token“, in addition to the NFT characters and NFT magic cards. The funny part is, the developers decided (on purpose or otherwise), not to explain how do you exchange these tokens to real money. Not a single word, I ended up googling about this and found the INFI Token homepage, which is not listed on the Play Store “contact” information.

As you can see from the pictures, yes they are real crypto “coins”, but for now I don’t think you can really make any real money with it. I did my research on the “Battle Infinity Token” and I had to follow a tutorial, just to understand the steps necessary to make the transactions happen. And it’s the other way around, the tutorial is for buying the tokens. Then I somehow came to a conclusion that this is actually listed as WERACLE Coin (I might be wrong), and that’s when I gave up.

You can definitely see how many “INFI Stones” you have, and you can earn more by playing against other players and reaching higher tiers in the league. NFT auction seems to be broken for now, or I didn’t meet the criteria of being higher on the ladder. A simple explanation inside the game would suffice, but there is no such thing. If you want to learn about the coins or the NFTs, you will have to do your own research.

Should you try it?

Crypto earning aside, Infinity Party Battle is pretty fun to play. Not very original, but still fun. The only real complain I have is the duration of the battles. Some are too long. Because of that, most players don’t even finish the match. If they lose the first point, they just quit. And I can’t blame them, it is no fun to spend 7+ minutes dragging behind just a bit, and hope to overturn the battle when in reality that is not possible. Luckily, AI takes their place, so you don’t lose any points.

My other complain goes to the “crypto” documentation, or the lack there of. I don’t mind the crypto or NFT implementation, but why isn’t it clearly documented inside the game? Furthermore, if the game offers you a cryptocurrency, why can’t you buy stuff with it in the in-app store? So far I only saw chests that can be opened with keys bought with INFI Stones, and everything else listed costs real money (USD in my case).

If interested, here is a “short” gameplay video, with in-app purchases overview, card upgrades and more.

Gameplay Video


Infinity Party Battle is available on Android and iOS. If you are on Android and you don’t have access to the Play Store, try downloading the APK or the TapTap link.

Dejan B. – “Infinity Party Battle Android review”

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