Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG

Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG is a vertical, semi-autoplay shooter from About Fun. This is a new zombie shooter game that arrives just in time for Halloween. The blood is green, zombies are angry and you – you have a vast amount of disposal tools. Cook them, boil them, do what you want, but first shoot them dead.

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Behind the Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG name

I know that it looks like I added the “Heroes FPS & RPG name”, but I didn’t. That’s how the developers decided to name their game. And to clear out the confusion, this is neither a FPS nor a RPG game. Sure, there are some “RPG elements”, and perhaps you do shoot from first person view, but that’s where all similarities with those genres end.

This is a “static” shooting game for the most part. In some missions there is a little bit of movement, but it’s “on rails”. Anyway, you get to play with your thumb only, or any other finger if you don’t have a thumb (sorry for that). All you have to do is aim at the zombies heads or other explosive parts of their body. As soon as you have a viable target in your crosshair, the gun will fire automatically. Apart from that, there are “specials” that you can use when things get ugly. Which specials are available depends on your team composition. Each hero has one, the team is always together, but you only control the leader.

Gameplay and progression

Each stage you complete grants you some kind of equipment upgrade material, plus some bonus gold and money. But, you don’t always get what you want. This is where “quick win” feature comes in play. You see, if you don’t like grinding again and again for that god forsaken Kevlar armor needed to upgrade a hero, you can just tap quick win and see the outcome immediately. Of course, this consumes energy from the bar. Once you are out, you will have to wait or fill it up quickly using the premium currency.

This is barely noticeable in the beginning where you level up all the time and your energy bar constantly refills. However, on later stages it will slow down the game on a level where Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes currently is.

Should you try it?

As long as you are clear that this is NOT a FPS or RPG game, sure why not. It’s always fun putting down zombies, arsenal is great and you can collect over 60 different heroes. You can level them up, upgrade their equipment and kill more zombies. There are couple of different modes, but you will have to progress the main story in order to unlock them. There are competitive and collaborative leaderboards, raids, special zones and various events. Oh and bosses, fighting them can be an interesting experience. Try it.

Gameplay Video

I recorded the first 15 or so minutes playing Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG. And I had fun, check it out.

Gameplay Video (First 15 minutes)


Pros:Cute graphicsConsIn-app purchases are too aggressive
Pros:Large arsenal of weaponsConsEnergy System
Pros:Many heroes to collectConsCan be repetitive & grindy
Pros:Interesting boss fights
Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG Pros & Cons


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