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PC Creator 2 is a new game from CREATY LLC, available on Android and iOS. This game intends to give you the “PC Building Simulator” feeling on the go, with simplified graphics and touch-optimized controls. In case you were wondering, there is no PC Creator 1, at least not from the same developer on Android, but there is one from the same developer on Steam. Weird…

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PC Creator 2, let’s build some PC’s!

The game starts you off easy, with a tutorial explaining the basics. Compared to PC Building simulator (on PC), things are more or less dumbed down, so you don’t have to mingle with tiny connectors and cables. This is a good thing, especially when you consider all the bonus aspects of the game, like mining and hacking, trading and the mini games.

When you get your first office/bedroom, you can start filling in orders. Some are simple like install antivirus, install drivers or CCleaner, but others can be a bit more complex involving specific upgrades or entirely new builds with specific components. Each order you complete gives you experience and cash. Be extra careful with the cash since you can get stuck if you can’t buy parts or software licenses. When you level up, you can attend a conference and play the 3 mini-games. This is how you unlock new parts in the store.

Building isn’t too complicated. You have the complete layout of the PC on your table and all you have to do is mix and match different components until everything works. The goal is to fulfill the order, without overspending on parts. This can be tricky if the customer wants a specific parts, so pay attention. Sadly the cute motherboard drawings don’t match the specifications. For example, the picture can show 4 ram slots, but the board has only 2. You will have to check the specification list before tapping confirm.

Gameplay and monetization

I played the game for about 4 days before writing this article. PC Creator 2 is incredibly addictive, if you like building PC’s. There is enough content and little to no downtime. If you order a part that requires 10 minutes (or more) to arrive, you can simply start working on other PC while you wait. Or you can setup a new mining rig and mine some cryptocurrencies. They can be very helpful to keep your cash flowing in. Everything you mine can be exchanged for “real” cash and vice versa. Meaning, you can play the market (buy low, sell high).

Hacking is another part of the game where you face opponents and try to destroy their computer, before they do the same to you. I am not entirely sure if this “summoning” mini game is in real-time (I guess not), but it can be quite rewarding. Achievements and leaderboards are also available.

Once you learn how to complete and progress through the story, you can get more comfortable by moving up in a bigger room or office. This allows you to have more space to work with, and take in more orders simultaneously. More orders = more money!

The in-app store is OK for the most part. You can buy resources and loot boxes (if you like to gamble), but ads are way to aggressive. You often get interrupted to a point where the game becomes more of an “ad simulator”. Yes, there is an option to remove them, actually there are two different options. The first one will remove the annoying ads, while the more expensive one will also provide the bonuses you usually get from watching the ads.

PC Creator 2 Gameplay Video

Should you try it?

I wish I could recommend the game without hesitating, but the ads ruin that. Ii took me over an hour to edit the short gameplay video just to clean up everything. The decision to include and implement them the way they are is questionable at best. The developers stance is either buy the ad removal in-app, or suffer.

So, if you plan on spending 3.25$ (regional pricing may apply), then go ahead and enjoy the game. I believe you will get your moneys worth even if you spend 9.75$ for the advanced ad removal feature. With all that in mind, this is a good game. Maybe even on par with Game dev tycoon.


Pros:AddictiveConsAggressive ads
Pros:A lot of contentConsPart icons can differ from the specs
Pros:Fun to play and keep
PC Creator 2 Pros & Cons


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