Punishing: Gray Raven for Android

If you haven’t invested your valuable time in an ARPG for your mobile device yet, here is a suggestion that started turning heads quite some time ago. Punishing: Gray Raven from Kuro Game, headquartered in Guangdong, China is an S tier Action RPG that won over 1 million players on Android alone.

About the storyline

While the story is one of the corner-stones of this game, I won’t be describing it in details here. Let’s just say that the Punishing virus drove all the mechanoids insane and full scale world war broke between them and the humanity which now runs in peril.

Since Earth is no longer a viable living option, all counteroffensives are coordinated from space. From the space station Babylonia to be exact.

You play as the Gray Raven, a commander of an elite team of constructs. While doing your duties, you begin to uncover covered up details about the ultimate enemies of the human race.


What really makes Punishing: Gray Raven stand out from all other ARPG on the Google Play Store is the combat mechanics. The ultra-fast ultra-stylish buttery smooth combat is completely bonkers (in a good way). It JUST WORKS for everyone. A complete noob that launched the game for the first time or a seasoned vet that has plenty of experience under his/her belt. Of course not in a same way, but everyone feels rewarded somehow.

Once you hit level 35, the online portion of the game becomes available. Just hop in the battle mode, chose an event and start clearing stages with your friends (or strangers).

Why should you try Punishing: Gray Raven in 2022

A fair question. I mean the game already knows its target audience and it isn’t new. The reason why I felt it needs some more attention is because the developers are constantly adding new features, updates and events to keep it fresh. This is the case with the latest update called Imprisoned Sight that released earlier today.

Imprisoned Sight expands on the story and brings in a new S-rank construct, a new formidable boss, new coatings and weapons, as well as the Eden Festival. For a full run-down of all new features, check out this link.

Imprisoned Sight Gameplay


Punishing: Gray Raven is a gatcha game. However, most media outlets and content creators agree that this is one of the most generous gatcha implementation in the game industry right now. Of course you can easily spend a fortune on in-game items and currencies, but the core experience lets you enjoy the full game even if you don’t intend to spend any money.

After you completed the story and feel like you could really benefit from some of the upgrades, or a new construct – you are free to take your chances.

Final word

If you are still reading this then you probably wait for a conclusion or something. Yes, my conclusion is that you should at least try it. All you need is around 2GB of data to download it and a phone or tablet that isn’t comparable to a modern toaster. Or you can try it on NoxPlayer on PC.

Finally, to address the elephant in the room, no, Punishing: Grey Raven is really a different game from Nier: Automata. Although they did a collab this summer, but that’s over. PGR is on its own and still stands.

Martin Janov

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