Hoop Heroes Beta for South Korea

The latest Netease game Hoop Heroes is now in Beta, but only for South Korea and Philippines. Don’t worry though, there is a way around this limitation by using a VPN to install it.


Netease claims that Hoop Heroes is “the hottest basketball game out, with gameplay deeper than you’d think!”. I don’t know about that, but the game does look sweet. Albeit a little slow for my taste.

You play basketball by street rules. The first team that reaches 11 points wins. What makes this interesting are the special moves similar to the legendary NBA JAM. Furthermore you can upgrade and train your team, open chests, collect rewards etc.

Multiplayer mode is working (real-time of course) and it seems quite popular. Matchmaking is fast and matches last from 2 to 3 minutes each. This is fine as longer matches will probably discourage players from finishing the game. After every finished game, you gain goodies, crates and upgrade materials. You also get special badges if you play good enough.

Video credit: AK TOPUS GAMING

How to get around the regional block?

Quite simple actually.

  • Install a free VPN client that has South Korea servers. For example this one.
  • Install the game
  • Disconnect and play.

The beta test lasts from 16th through 23rd September. After that it will probably be open-beta worldwide (just a hunch), but only Netease knows for sure. If you like, you can follow Netease on Facebook and get the release information as soon as they announce it.

If you live in one of the supported regions, tap below or follow the instructions above.

Dunk City Dynasty
Dunk City Dynasty
Developer: Exptional Global
Price: Free

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