Arknights Guide Ahead event

The developers from Yostar Games seem to be working overtime to update their games. After the big announcement for Azur Lane yesterday, the just released an update for their other popular game, Arknights. It includes 3 new operators, 3 new outfits, a new themed furniture set and other rewards.

The Origins of “The Son of Sankta and Sarkaz”

The story takes place during the Summit of Nations in Laterano. In a delicate moment when the rulers of many nations gathered in one place, a girl named Cecelia was revealed as a special Sankta born by Sarkaz’s father. Because of her unique characteristics, different forces fight for Cecelia and oppose their own ideas and positions.

Here is the trailer:

Arknights Official Trailer

During the event, 5 Star Specialist Enforcer is available as an event reward.

New Operators

Fiammetta – 6 Star Sniper
Fiammetta, as an Artilleryman, possesses a wide Attack Range. The Burning Bullet she fires and the Burning Marks it leaves behind can explode to deal damage to enemies around the blast tiles. When her third skill is activated, she will continuously barrage enemies at her max Range. As the powerful damage capability comes at the cost of her life, Operators with continuous healing skills could support her well and maintain her Attack buff.

Kazemaru – 5 Star Specialist
Kazemaru is a Dollkeeper. She swaps to a Substitute instead of retreating when receiving lethal damage. She can sacrifice her HP to sharply enhance her next attack or summon a Substitute on a surrounding melee tile.

Enforcer – 5 Star Specialist
Enforcer is a Push Stroker that is free to get and user-friendly. He can push the target towards the attack direction and stun it if the target collides with High Ground. His second skill allows him to immediately push back all enemies within a certain range and stun all of them, which enables him to gather the enemies together.

 The “Guide Ahead” event lasts from Sep. 16th, 10:00 to Sep. 30th, 3:59 (UTC-7) and the second phase “Road to the Shrine” will open from Sep. 23rd, 16:00. You can download Arknights right now for free.

Developer: Yostar Limited.
Price: Free


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