Noxplayer Blue Archive edition?

There was a time when playing Android games on PC was frowned upon, especially by game developers. Well, times change and marketing agents finally realized that bigger exposure overshadows potential compatibility problems (and hacking).

We already have (albeit older) post on NoxPlayer, but since then, there were numerous upgrades and patches. The latest one is not a performance, or an improvement one – it’s a theme. The developers decided to make a deal with Blue Archive creators and do a full themed release of Nox featuring graphics for the game.

Nox Blue Archive

What is Blue Archive?

Blue Archive is a Gacha RPG mobile title developed by NAT Games and published by Yostar. It was released in 04 February 2021. It was only available in South Korea for a time period, but now it can be played worldwide. As usual, this type of game requires either a lot of money to progress fast, or a lot of time to invest in. Since we are all poor plebs, that time can be spent more comfortably in front of a laptop or desktop (PC) instead of your small phone screen. That’s where NoxPlayer – Blue Archive comes in.

What’s the difference?

First of all, NoxPlayer Blue Archive edition enhances the Blue Archive game performance. On top of that it’s filled with all kinds of graphics from the game to the brim. This however is not a stunt from Bignox, everything was pre-arranged with NEXON, the developers of the game and therefore it contains copyrighted images (and or icons). Furthermore, NEXON officially approves and supports this version of NoxPlayer.

Noxplayer Blue Archive edition

Should you try it?

If you already have the latest NoxPlayer version installed, you really don’t have to. This version is really just an eye-candy update and has Blue Archive pre-installed. If you are a big fan of the game, go for it. Otherwise, just stick to the one you have. I tested it out and there was no significant difference in performance, despite what the developers claim.

To download NoxPlayer follow this link. If you want the Blue Archive version instead, download it from here.

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