Cube Planet – When puzzle meets physics

Cube Planet launched recently on the Google Play Store. I am not entirely sure if the game is in beta or this is the final release, but I did play it (briefly) and I recommend you check it out if puzzle games are your thing. The developer is ThunderRoad Games Corp. and this appears to be their first game on the store, and is Android only.

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What is Cube Planet exactly?

Cube planet is foremost a puzzle game, but the way you control everything involves your phone’s gyroscope and/or accelerometer. There is an astronaut trapped on a space station, running out of air. The way to his spaceship is visible to you, but not to him. Here is the catch, you can’t control the astronaut, you control the entire space station. By tilting, panning and swiping, you must align the corridors so he can pass. He always moves left, no matter what. Sounds easy? It’s not!

When you first start playing it, your instinct tells you to align the room so he can “fall” down, but that’s not the case. Since he can move only in one direction, the path must be aligned constantly. Corners are more forgiving, he can turn himself. The tutorial will give you the general idea what to do, but you will probably spend half of your lives failing the first mission. At some point, everything will just “click” in your brain and stages will become way easier.

Graphics etc…

Cube Planet features 3D graphics with simple textures. There are no fancy effects, and that’s a good thing since you can easily get confused. The game runs smoothly even on mid-range devices and requires around 60 megabytes of storage.

For now, there are 12 stages available on the first planet alone, and each can be played on easy, normal or hard. However, the developer promises more content soon.

Cube Planet Gameplay Video

Cube Planet is free to play ad supported title. The in-app purchases are reasonable, but there seems to be no way to eliminate the energy system (lives) entirely. You can remove the ads on couple of tiers. The more expensive ones providing other goodies as well, like more time, faster movement, double lives etc.


Pros:Unique controlsConsNeeds more lives, or shorter timer
Pros:Good puzzles
Pros:Lightweight (storage)
Cube Planet Pros & Cons


Dejan B. – “Cube Planet – When puzzle meets physics”

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