Arknights Episode 11: Return to Mist released

Arknights, the tactical mobile RPG, introduces Episode 11 of its main storyline titled “Return to Mist.” Arknights is a tactical strategy game for Androidnd and iOS, that revolves around the leader Amiya, and hundreds of operators you can recruit and guide them in the upcoming battles to protect the innocent.

What’s new?

Set within the Victoria Empire, this narrative unveils a gripping 26-year-long conflict that has been simmering in the realm of Terra. Engaging doctors will encounter formidable adversaries, brimming with daunting trials, along with the addition of four fresh operators, stylish outfits, a delightful furniture set, and various enticing rewards in this latest update. Don’t miss out on this enthralling event, accessible until June 20th (UTC-7).

Arknights Episode 11 event trailer

The Story of Return to Mist

Continuing the main story, the events unfold once again in Londinium. The swift battleship of the dukes makes its way towards the city, while the main forces of the Sarkaz are returning. Having uncovered the truth behind Victoria’s “Sword” and “Shield,” the Rhodes Island team resolves to stand firm and defend against the impending clash. Both doctors and their skilled operators are bracing themselves for an encounter with formidable new Sarkaz adversaries. Brace yourselves, for chaos is on the horizon.

Free to obtain a New 5-star Operator
Dagda, the new 5-star guard, is one of the new operators that can be freely obtained by clearing certain “Return to Mist” stages. Other rewards include one new avatar, two plaques, LMD, and other upgrade materials. Furthermore, Emergency Sanity Samplers and Rhodes Island Supplies can be unlocked along the way too.
Four New Operators are Welcomed
The update also introduces four new operators. One 6-star operator is Stainless, an Artificer Supporter who can make others stronger using his support devices. The two 5-star operators are Paprika, a Chain Medic capable of healing more friendlies, and Dagda, a Fighter Guard with a high attack power and can be redeemed in this event. Lastly, Totter is a 4-star Besieger Sniper with the ability to attack multiple enemies simultaneously.
New Arrivals at the Store
New stuff coming to the item shop includes the outfit, “Witch Feast” for Lee, Iris, and Kazemaru. The “Shining Steps” and “Ambience Synesthesia” outfit returns too for those that missed them last time. A classroom-themed furniture set and numerous packs are able to be grabbed as well.


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