Blue Archive Marina Update

Blue Archive the popular Gacha RPG by Nexon is getting yet another sizeable update. This time it’s a mixture of events, new characters, new content and re-runs that you can complete. Also, a free 10-Recruitment Ticket for all players, but only if you log on before Oct. 25.

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About Blue Archive

Blue archive is a Gacha RPG by the Korean gaming company Nexon. Originally released on 04 February 2021, the game found its core audience and grew to a respectable size. The developers are constantly adding new content and events to keep the player base happy and it shows. The game even has it’s own NoxPlayer – Blue Archive edition that you can download and play the game on your laptop or PC.

What’s new?

Blue Archive Marina Update

Marina is a Piercing-type Striker, a chairman of security in Red Winter. Her EX skill deals damage proportional to her ATK to enemies within an arc and reduces their “Recovery Boost” for 30 seconds.

“A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala” and the “Red Winter Federal Academy” Piercing-type Striker Cherino’s Recruitment are returning. After the sudden coup d’état, Cherino was overthrown from the presidential seat. Join her on the journey to regain her position. Also, players can clear Event Story No.1 “Ivan Kupala Festival Street” to obtain the “Red Winter Federal Academy” affiliated Explosive-type Special Student “Nodoka.”

New content “Joint Firing Drill” has also been added. You may participate periodically in a “Firing Drill,” “Defense Drill,” and “Breakthrough Drill,” which are each composed of four stages. You may obtain “Joint Firing Drill Coins” from completing “Joint Firing Drills,” which can be used to obtain items like “Secret Tech Notes,” “Eimi’s Eleph,” “Superior Fusion Keystone,” and “Superior Activity Report.”


You can either download the game directly from the Google or Apple store, or you can get the NoxPlayer version for PC. If you are downloading Blue Archive on Android, keep in mind that it requires 6GB of RAM to run smoothly and a decent SoC.

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