Best New Android Games 2022 – Week 40

Another week is behind us and we tested even more Android games. I narrowed the list down to 5 recommendations I think you should try. Here is the Best New Android Games 2022 – Week 40 list, enjoy.

Best New Android Games 2022 – Week 40

No. 5 to No. 1

ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games

Although technically in beta, Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting II Retribution (ATSS2) looks and plays quite decently. If you are up for some singleplayer gunplay, this is the perfect Android game for you. You don’t need a flagship phone, nor a fast internet connection (or internet connection at all). It takes around 220 megabytes and it will keep you busy for a while.

Download it from the Play Store, Android only.

Car Driving Online

A brand new Android game that is not too complicated to understand or play. Just turn off your brain and enjoy over 70 stages of parking, stunts or racing. You can drive in a semi-open world too, on couple of places including big cities. Try and play as a taxi, mod your car or simply jump of a mountain. If still not convinced, you can jump in the multiplayer lobby and join a RP server.

Another Android “exclusive” and you can download it from here.

Unhappy Racoon

Another hit for the masses. Unhappy racoon deserves to be in the list, just because it is good with a real potential to be great. Offline roguelike with furry heroes and lots and lots of racoons. Whether you like shooting from the distance or get close and personal with the enemies (and bosses), this game has the hero for you. However, it is in open beta so I can’t place it as undisputed champion of the week (yet).

To download it check out the Play Store, if that’s a no-go, head over to TapTap.

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

If you like casual, slow paced building games, you will love Zoo Life: Animal Park Game. It comes from a reputable developer (Sparkling Society), looks awesome and won’t mind if you don’t have an internet connection active. At its core, this is a management/building game and is pretty fun to play. Take care of the animals, collect cash, grow & expand.

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is available right now for Android, iOS and the Windows Store.

Mutant Squad Battle Arena

Finally, the game I had most fun with this week. In Mutant Squad Battle Arena you fight on a 5 vs 5 maps where your only goal is to destroy the enemy team. There is a Team Deathmatch, CTF and one other game mode involving a superweapon that needs to be powered up. A lot of heroes and a lot of skills are at your disposal, some melee, some ranged, healers, brawlers – you name it. Everything is unlockable by simply playing the game, but you can get stuff faster by spending some cash in the in-app store.

Read the full review here. Download it from the Play Store, or here if you are on iOS.

You want more?

This is it for our “Best New Android Games 2022 – Week 40 ” list. If you want more new Android games, visit this link and see everything we played recently. Have fun and check out for new releases soon.

Dejan B. – “Best New Android Games 2022 – Week 40”

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