Airship Knights pre-registration is Open

Airship Knights is an Idle JRPG steampunk game from SuperPlanet, and that makes as much sense as a toaster that makes ice-cream. But who cares, it looks nice and hopefully it will play nice as well. It’s not out yet, but pre-registraion is open on Android and iOS.

About Airship Knights

The developers claim that this is an Idle Voyage RPG where you get to sail on a huge airship. You can also collect pixelated knights that you can upgrade and train. The ship itself is upgradable too. There are multiple game modes including standard battles, time-attack, adventure mode and even 1:1 PVP arena. Bosses and Raids are a thing as well, including some challenging trials.

All this wrapped up nicely into a Steampunk JRPG/Idle sandwich that should be available soon. Whether you receive some kind of bonus for pre-registering, wasn’t mentioned – sorry.

Airship Knights

Notable Features:

  • Steampunk and Magical Fantasy World

In Airship Knights you can experience a mysterious world of magic and engineering. All content, like the main episodes, battles and the aircraft enchantments are created in the spirit of classical fantasy worlds and offer an even more immersive experience to the players. In particular fans of old-school JRPG games like Final Fantasy will find this game even more appealing!

  • Time Attack! Speedy Idle Battle

Fast battle progression is the key! Airship Knights consists of automatic battles in a time-attack mode in which the player has to defeat a monster within 15 seconds. As the stage progresses quickly, strengthening the airship is very important! If players want to enjoy a faster tempo, they can use the ‘Return’ function or acquire a new airship.

  • Animated Adventure Episodes

The main story of Airship Knights is animated with pixel characters! The cute visuals and solid narrative bring life into the main story and will steal without any doubt the hearts of players from all over the world. You can customize the captain character to your liking.

To pre-register just tap the link below, or tap here if you are using an Apple product. The game is free with in-app purchases.

D.B. – “Airship Knights pre-registration is Open”

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