Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival – Preview (Video)

Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival is a top-down zombie shooter with nice graphics and ugly enemies. You get to decimate the undead, collect weapons, upgrade and unlock special characters. Developed by “Hyper Casual Fungames” it was recently added on the Google Play Store.

Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival Gameplay and stuff

The game is a top-down shooter and on first sight it looks like the old classic Alien Breed, but it’s not. There are no Aliens here, just good old zombies and zombified creatures with only one thing on their mind, to kill you. But don’t worry, you have a whole arsenal of weapons to defend yourself.

I didn’t pay attention to the story, and the developer didn’t bother to fill in “About this game” section. It must be unimportant, or not that good. Besides, who cares if you are having fun. And you will.

Graphics are perfectly suitable for this type of a game. There is no need for fancy 3D effects if you are going to spend all your time looking down from the top. Still, Zombies, especially bosses are nicely animated. Some of them have unique moves, tactics (that you can exploit), drop random items and are generally fun to kill.

Controls are OK-ish. There is a floating movement stick on the left and fire button (and specials) on the right. That’s all you need since the game auto-targets the nearest enemy. All you have to do is shoot and move. I know that this sounds like a downside, but it isn’t. Moving and shooting still gives you satisfying feeling of owning the undead.

After you complete Mission 5 from the story, the “Endless mode” becomes available. It’s pretty self-explanatory and needless to say it’s there to keep you busy since the story has only 12 missions.

There are 3 tiers of the battle-pass (one is free) and an in-game store where you can buy resources for upgrades, equipment etc.

Dead Zombie Shooter: SurvivalGameplay Video


Pros:Satisfying Zombie CarnageConsMore Content is needed
Pros:Nice GraphicsConsEnergy System
Pros:Awesome weapons and equipmentConsOnly 30 FPS
Pros:Great bosses
Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival Pros & Cons

The game is free to download and play. Ads pop-up now and then (usually after missions) and in-app purchases aren’t forced on you. The energy system is something I dislike in general – in every game. That simply means the developers don’t have enough content to keep you busy. Anyway, in this particular game isn’t that bad.

Dejan B. – “Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival – Preview (Video)”

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