Mutant Squad Battle Arena Review

Mutant Squad Battle Arena is a project born by two indie developers united under the umbrella of Trimindsgame Inc. Technically this a MOBA game, but rules are loosey-goosey. It looks nice, so I decided to take a closer look. Here is my mini review of Mutant Squad Battle Arena and my recommendations.

Mutant Squad – Battle Arena closer look

The game offers a variety of heroes and builds to experiment. Of course, not everything is unlocked from the start and you will have to (pretty much) grind your way to the top. Each hero can be leveled up and with each level more and more abilities are unlocked. Therefore, it is possible to have same heroes with completely different builds that will play entirely differently on the battlefield. And you don’t have to respec every time you want to play a different build, there are 3 different loadout slots, albeit locked behind the premium currency.

And it’s not all about phew phew either. There are healers, melee monsters, snipers, brawlers and so on. They are all unlockable by simply playing the game.

Gameplay & Controls

The on-screen touch controls are good and accurate. You will have no trouble targeting or moving around, and using specials is just a flick away from your right thumb. I didn’t see any options to customize (or reverse) the controls, and my old iPega controller wasn’t recognized. So there is that.

Mutant Squad – Battle Arena has 3 game modes, all PvP. The first one is quite unique where two teams of 5 heroes fight to power up the satellite dish. The team that gets most energy canisters to the center wins by powering up the weapon and obliterating the enemy base. The other two modes are CTF and Team Deathmatch.

Graphics & Monetization

Graphics may not be top of the line 3D spectacle, but they are perfectly suitable for this game. A little bit cartoonish, but also very cute. The game plays good on mid-range devices. I tested it on a phone featuring SD 720G chipset with 4GB of RAM, and it handled it well most of the time. Occasional slow-downs are possible, but only when all 10 of the heroes are on the same screen.

Monetization is fine for the most part. You have your currencies, the in-game store and other consumables needed to unlock, upgrade and level up your heroes. Prices are what you would expect for this kind of a game, but there is one aspect I didn’t like at all. The stamina/energy system that cripples your enjoyment at large. If any of the developers ever read this, you have a solid game here. There is no need for that handicap to even be there. No successful game uses this system anymore, and income from the in-game store and the ads should be enough to keep your game alive for a foreseeable future.

Mutant Squad Battle Arena Gameplay

Should you try it?

Mutant Squad – Battle Arena is fun to play. And that’s the most important aspect of any (MOBA) game. I would love to see some improvements, like more maps, events and better match-making. There are quirks, mainly the energy system, but all-in-all it seems to be a good game that has the potential to be your daily time-waster.

You can download the Android version directly from the link below or here if you are on iOS. It only takes around ~250MB of storage (fully installed).

Ivica Kiwin – “Mutant Squad – Battle Arena Review”

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