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Zombo Buster Rising, Shoot TD for Android

Zombo Buster Rising, Shoot TD is a spin-off game from Zombo Buster, a casual adventure game made by JoyceUnited. This time, however, instead of building bases and acquiring revenue, your main focus is on shooting waves and waves of zombies, while standing above them on the balcony. The game, as its predecessor is only available on Android and is free to play.

About the game

Zombo Buster Rising is a nostalgic 2D side-shooting defense game that offers players a thrilling experience as they take on hordes of zombies from a terrace. The game picks up where the original mission of Zombo Buster left off, where some survivors are still struggling against the zombie. This time, players will have to rely on their shooting skills rather than strategy. Zombo Buster Rising features challenging achievements, two AI-assisted NPCs, three super abilities, various upgrades, and a Survival mode. This game is perfect for fans of casual zombie shooters who want to test their skills and slay the undead hordes.

Zombo Buster Rising, Shoot TD – Gameplay


Zombo Buster Rising, Shoot TD is only available on Android. Download it from the Google Play store, or download the APK file if you wish to side-load it or play it on an emulator.

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