Black Desert Mobile – Woosa update

The Korean MMORPG developer Pearl Abyss, decided to bring the Twin Class sister Woosa on their mobile port of the game. Previously only available for PC players, the update will expand the Black Desert Mobile universe on Android and iOS, as soon as it launches on January 17, 2023. Prepare to meet theTwin Class sister and brush off your Do Arts skills.

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What’s new?

Woosa is a character that has several skills that involve using a fan. Her “Wingbeat” skill allows her to increase the size of her fan and knock back enemies. Holding down the skill button charges up a stronger gust of wind, pushing enemies back further and knocking them down. When used with another skill called “Sagoonja: Plum,” the skill increases its attack speed and scatters plum petals that fly around the air.

“Butterfly Step” allows her to leap elegantly into the sky, dodging enemy attacks and objects. “Stormfall” allows her to swing her fan and create a giant storm, inflicting heavy damage to surrounding enemies in a wide area. “Cloudrise” creates a dark cloud above enemies’ heads, causing extreme damage through rain and lightning. The passive ability “Enlightened” reduces PvP and skill damage from enemies and gives an extra damage buff to certain skills.

Black Desert Mobile – Woosa Trailer

In-Game events:

  • Woodo School Training Prep Daily Missions: The Woodo School, where Woosa first received her training, is spreading its mysterious energy. From Jan. 10 – Jan. 30, help prepare training supplies through daily missions to receive rewards.
  • Woosa’s Gift: The energy of the Woodo School is spreading!. Beginning Jan. 17, navigate to the Event Tab and claim a [Mysterious Power Chest] containing rare weapons. 


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