UNDECEMBER’s new Episode is coming soon

The popular hack-and-Slash Action RPG UNDECEMBER’s first story update, Episode III Ortemis is coming on the 25th January 2023. The update will be released simultaneously on all platforms, including mobile (Android and iOS). Get ready to play over 24 new stages, fight new bosses and secure quality loot for the next season.

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What’s new?

You can expect to see Episode III Ortemis, featuring 24 main stages with new monsters and bosses, in the January 25th update. Along with the latest story arc from UNDECEMBER, the update also includes a new Challenge Mode and a complete overhaul of the endgame content in the Chaos Dungeon. As a Rune Hunter, you will have the opportunity to push your limits even further and farm for higher tier gear up to level 120. Additionally, more than 30 new Runes and a new Chaos-level Raid will be available, and to celebrate the update, festive in-game events will also begin with the new patch.

UNDECEMBER – Ortemis Trailer

◆ Chaos Dungeons 2.0 and Chaos Cards

First, please note that the Chaos Statue’s level will be reset once the Jan. 25 (Wed) update takes place and the new Chaos Dungeons 2.0 begins.

You will be able to access Saluto and the Chaos Dungeons after clearing the new Episode 3. With the new Chaos Dungeons 2.0, there will be new maps and various events waiting for you.

However, please be aware that, after the Chaos Dungeons 2.0 update, you will not be able to access Chaos Dungeons with the current Chaos Cards that you have. Instead, you will only be able to access Chaos Dungeons with the new Chaos Cards you acquire after the update. So, please be sure to use the Chaos Cards that you have now before the update.

Any Chaos Cards that haven’t been used before the update will be converted into event items after the update. The Chaos items that will be converted into event items include all Chaos Cards, Chaos Card Chests, Chaos Keys, as well as the Chaos Mission Reward Chests that include Chaos Cards and Keys as rewards.

Temporary Suspension of Chaos Card Trading at the Auction House

After the scheduled maintenance that will be taking place on Jan. 18 (Wed), the trading of Chaos Cards and Chaos Keys at the Auction House will be temporarily suspended. However, Chaos Cards and Chaos Keys that have already been registered in the Auction House will still remain registered for the period that you have registered them for.

Please note that although the Chaos Cards and Chaos Keys that you acquire before the scheduled maintenance on Jan. 18 (Wed) may say that they can be registered at the Auction House, they will, in fact, not be available for registration.

Suspension of trading at the Auction House will be lifted after the Episode 3 update on Jan. 25 (Wed), so you will be able to register Chaos Cards that are acquired after the update then.

New Item Tier may affect Rewards from Disassembling Items

As a new tier will be added to item Options,
the results you get from disassembling the same items before and after the update
may be different depending on how much the tier range changes.


As you probably know, UNDECEMBER is available on multiple platforms like PC (Steam, FLOOR), Android and iOS. All platforms are cross-play enabled, and you can easily play on the go, but continue adventuring once you get in front of your PC.

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