World War Doh coming to Android

World War Doh is a mobile game that so far was only available for iOS devices. Today, Jam City Studios announced that they recently acquired the assets of Brainz, the developers behind the game and are now announcing the Android version. Pre-registrations are open and the game should be available in late 2018.


World War Doh Android


World War Doh is a fast paced strategy game, similar to Clash Royale. Players lead the commander and his allies in real-time combat by deploying troops or spells directly on the battlefield. The goal is to destroy the other player commander (naturally), collect troop and spell cards, improve your deck and socialize with other players.


Screenshots from the iOS version

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“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jam City to acquire a highly anticipated, award-winning mobile game before its worldwide launch,” said Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of Jam City. “World War Doh is an entirely new type of game for Jam City, and we’ve been blown away by how creative, entertaining and just plain fun it is. We look forward to welcoming the incredibly talented World War Doh team to Jam City and bringing the experience to gamers worldwide later this year.”


In the meantime pre-registrations are open (link below), but there is no information what will you receive in exchange for your email, at least for now. To learn more about Jam City Games, visit their Facebook page and Twitter profile.


Pre-Registration Link

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