Stickman: Rope Escape

Stickman Rope Escape for Android is a funny little ragdoll physics game where your only job is to save the little guy… or kill him in a 1000 different ways. The developers from Arsmen Studio (brothers Armen and Arsid Alijaj) updated the game recently with a brand new GUI and couple of bug fixes.


Stickman: Rope Escape… or don’t


The game bears resemblance to the utterly popular “Cut The Rope”, but with a slightly different approach. See, your Stickman figurine bleeds and it bleeds a lot. The goal of the game is to cut the chains and allow the ragdoll to land on the blue mattress, avoiding any spiky black objects standing in between. Intentionally killing the poor guy is equally fun. Decapitate his head, make him land on the spikes or simply let the circular saw drag him around a bit.



From the technical point of view, the gameplay is fluid even on older Android devices (running at least version 4.1 or later). The entire game takes a little under 70 mb of storage and can be played without internet connection, unless you like unlocking achievements for witch you need the connection active.

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Now, Stickaman Rope Escape is a paid game. There are 28 levels that are not locked out, so you can start of from the last one if you really like. Also there are no ads, the music is nice and the game is still actively developed. Meaning, new content and more levels are likely to come in near future. The only thing that sort-of bothered me is that when you die, you don’t get to continue where you left off. The game, for some reason takes you back to level select and the same thing happens if you pass the level.


One last thing to note is the exit screen which provides a trick question. Are you handsome?

Stickman Rope Escape
Well are you?


To download Stickman Rope Escape for Android follow the link and watch the trailer below.




Stickman Dismount Rope Escape
Stickman Dismount Rope Escape
Developer: 2win Games
Price: Free
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