Rooms of Doom (by Terry Gill)

It seems that Ultra hard platformers have their own fan base that simply loves them. Rooms of Doom is exactly that, a fast paced run & jump game where your only goal is to pass the level at-all-cost. It’s fast, It’s fun, it can make you cry and it can run on almost any Android device.


Rooms of Doom (Literally)


The story, if anyone cares, is quite generic. Save your better half by going through 83 insanely deadly rooms. That’s it? Yeah, good luck. You will need it.

Rooms of Doom


Yes. The game is hard. There are circular saws, acid pools, bees, canons and freaking spikes that usually pop-up at the end near the exit door. The controls are simple and you have two choices. The first template is auto running so you can concentrate and time your jumps properly (this is the key part). The other template gives you manual control of the running part, allowing you to stop at certain points and think about your next move.



There is one little caveat here. While manually controlling the pace of your run seems to be better at first, I noticed that all levels are set up in a way that auto running makes most sense. This is because of the timing on the moving objects. Before you start, everything is frozen and as soon as you touch the screen, things start moving around. They are always set in a way that favors the auto-run template. Time your jumps properly and you’re golden.

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Underwater levels are a thing too and yes, they are even more frustrating. The character will float up and forward and instead of jump, you take a dive. One little tip for all levels, use the background graphics, especially the stone tiles, to remember where to jump. Learn from your mistakes.



Rooms of Doom is free to download. After 10 deaths (there is a counter on the upper right) you will be offered a chance to skip the level for watching an ad in return. The only in-app purchase is to remove the said ad and skip the level without waiting. Otherwise, the game takes around 160mb of storage and can be played offline. There are no timers, energy bars or lives and respawning is instant. Graphics are good, but menus and overlays could use some additional work. If you like hard-core platform games, keep this one in your pocket. The fast gameplay makes it ideal to be enjoyed in small bursts.




Rooms of Doom
Rooms of Doom
Price: Free+
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