Word Travel

Word Travel by DracNes Game Studio is a brand new word puzzle game available on Android and iOS. The Idea is to give the players a sensation of traveling the world by visiting historical sites around the globe and completing word challenges. The developers are promising 10 whole chapters and 1000 levels in smooth, relaxing gameplay with simple controls.


Word Travel by Plane, Spaceship or Hot-Air Balloon


Word Travel is pretty simple to pick up and play. You start off in chapter 1 – The Mayan empire and work your way to outer space. Each chapter contains 10 levels and each level has 10 word. You will be timed and if you do well enough, rewarded with badges and other goodies. Unfortunately the words are not bound to the theme of the chapter (it would be nicer) and are not overly-complicated. The length of the scrambled words is not proportional to the level, so you can be on chapter 2 – level 10 and still get 3 to 4 letter words. This makes the game quite easier, but also relaxing and helpful to people who need to improve their vocabulary in English and Polish.



There are no energy or stamina systems inside Word Travel and the only thing you can buy is the fuel pack for your plane. Actually, it doesn’t really have to do anything with the plane, fuel is simply used to help you with the game if you get stuck. Using 1 fuel can, will automatically complete 1 letter of the word (starting by the first one) and that’s about it. Fuel cans can be purchased from the in-app store and any purchase (even the cheapest one) will remove all the ads. Speaking of ads, they won’t get in your way, but you can watch them in exchange for 2 fuel cans which seems to be fair. Word Travel supports internal achievements and leaderboards, but not as part of the Google Play Games service.

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Finally, Word Travel is free to download from the Play Store and only requires Android device running version 4.1 (ICS) or later and around 70mb of free space. The game will also work without internet connection (offline mode). Follow the link below to download it.


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