PUBG on Android Launched Globally

The long anticipated mobile version of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) should finally be available on the Play Store worldwide. Although there were couple of similar battle-royal games, this is the official mobile port from Tencent Games. As expected, PUBG on Android is free to play with optional cosmetic in-app purchases in form of chests.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Android version

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The game follows the same formula as the PC version. Hundred players can parachute onto a 8×8 island and the last one standing gets the rewards. Upon landing, the game will mark a designated gathering area and everything begins shrinking. Beat the other players, don’t get caught outside the circle and loot everything you find.


PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile


Although the Play Store link says that the current version does not represent the final quality of the game, PUBG is available for download anywhere in the world, including EU and US. The game does require a beefy device with at least 2GB of ram and Android version 5.1.1 to run at all and persistent internet connection (because you know, it’s MMO). PUBG mobile runs on Unreal Engine 4 and even supports 7.1 surround audio on specific devices that have optical or coaxial audio out.


PUBG Mobile
The Island


To download PUBG Mobile click the link below. Even mid-range devices (Snapdragon 6xx) are showing (surprisingly) acceptable performance that will probably improve in time as the game gets some finishing touches. Just make sure you have at least 800 mb of storage space available and join in.


Developer: Level Infinite
Price: Free
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