Shadowgun Legends launch day

The pre-registration phase for Shadowgun Legends is now over and the game can be downloaded worldwide. As MADFINGER Games promised, there are boss fights, PvP battles, Co-Op missions and a social hub where players gather to show off their gear and rank. Anyone who pre-registered their account should now be able to receive the promised rewards.


Shadowgun Legends


If you would like to know more about the game, read the short announcement article we published last month. In short, humanity is under attack from scary alien invaders and you just happen to be a legendary warrior who will not let that happen under any circumstances. The story campaign stretches across 200 missions on 4 different planets, overwhelmed by alien scum that should be exterminated. Aside from the main story mode, players can form teams of 4 members and complete raids and giant enemy bosses.

Shadowgun Legends
A Lean Mean Fighting Machine


Of course, real-time PvP combat is also part of the game, in a form of modern arena style team battles. Customizing your hero in Shadowgun Legends should not be a problem. The game offers over 200 unique weapons, over 200 armor pieces and tons of cosmetic items that can be collected and equipped. There are no pre-defined classes. Everyone starts with the same stats and how you develop your own character is up to you. Earn levels and spend skill points as you like. This way your hero will end up being tailored just for you. The central hub is the place where you can interact with other players, form teams, join guilds or simply chat with someone.

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To get started, download the game from the Play Store (Android 6.0 required), join a guild (or proceed solo) and start bashing the aliens.


Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS
Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS
Developer: Deca_Games
Price: Free
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