While waiting for PvZ 2, play Battle Bears Fortress

While still waiting for Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android (hint: it’s available for iOS), we can waste our time on another similar tower defense puzzle game, for example Battle Bears Fortress by SkyVu Entertainment that just came out of beta and seems to attract large amounts of positive reviews.

BB Fortress is the third game from the Battle Bears universe, featuring a squad of highly trained teddy bears doing mercenary jobs that by accident crash their spaceship on a remote planet. In order to get out they need to collect all the spare parts, but there is a problem. The evil Necromancer and his army of pink teddy bears – the Huggables – will do anything to stop you. Despite their name, the Huggables are actually quite evil and will smother you into oblivion with love (or something like that).

Battle Bear Fortress offers a single player campaign mode where you can play against the CPU, grind coins and gems in the endless mode or try your luck online and wager your skill against friends or bbfrandom strangers. The game offers quite a lot of content including 22 towers, 30 levels, 4 heroes and lots of enemies, with even more to come.

By utilizing the SkyVu Network, BB Fortress enables you to track your stats, unlock achievements and avatars and use the cloud save feature that comes in handy if you tend to switch devices. The game is free to download and play, but keep in mind that it requires mounted storage (internal or sd card) or Jelly Bean 4.2. Either way it will eat-up only about 160 mb of space.


UPDATE: Game was permanently removed from Play Store. Since it was paid app, we can’t provide the APK.

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