Minecraft Pocket Edition updated

Ever since Minecraft became publicly available in 2009 was instantly classified as an addictive block building game and over the years it built itself a faithful (addicted) fan base. When “Mojang” announced that the Pocket Edition of Minecraft will be available on the Android platform in 2011 it immediately started attracting attention and support. Sadly, the Pocket Edition fell short behind the “real deal”, and it still is, but fortunately more and more features are being added in each update.

The latest update of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android adds certain number of features as well and introduces the iconic Creepers, big, green, mean creatures that will try to freak you out while building your world. Food has also been introduced and now you can cook and get hungry while building or fighting skeletons, spiders or searching for chests. The update will also give you access to swords, bows, TNT, beds, paintings and lots of other stuff.

If you already own Minecraft Pocket Edition, the update is live so you can just fire up Google Play and download it. For folks still considering about getting the game, now’s as good a time as any. Just make sure you carry a spare battery in your backpack.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99

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