Dungeons and Dragons: Arena of War trailer released

As part of “The Sundering” campaign that will soon take place in The Forgotten Realms, Wizards of the Coast released an official trailer of their upcoming mobile game Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War. The conclusion of the event will be a simplified set of rules for the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, the 5th edition, or simply called D&D: Next.

Dungeons and Dragons: Arena of War is a free to play, top-down 3D RPG game that will take place in the Forgotten Realms key places like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter. Judging by the trailer, graphics look nice and combined with the D&D mechanics should result in solid game, unless “DeNA”, the publisher, decides to ruin it with forced IAPs and time restrictions. Only Time will tell.

This is one  of the rare “Android first” games, meaning that iOS users will have to wait a little more in order to download it from the appstore. In fact, it’s already available on the Google Play, but every attempt to install it failed by country restrictions. The best guess I have is that the app is in some kind of closed beta and only certain number of countries can actually get it. The exact release date remains unknown.

As part of the promotion, the developer launched a mini website that will allow you to subscribe to their newsletter, enabling you to get the latest news and get one free “Ultra Rare Power” – Cause Fear – that will automatically be added to your hero when the game becomes officially available worldwide.

To register simply visit

UPDATE: Removed from the play store. Download D&D Arena of War APK here.

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