WAVEN, a tactical RPG in the making

In short, Waven is an upcoming tactical RPG by Ankama studios that will launch on PC (Steam), MacOS, Android and iOS in late 2023. However, early access was announced for this summer, so keep your eyes open for an update. The game will be free-to-play on all platforms, and cross-platform play should be available at launch.

About the game

WAVEN invites you to embark on a journey into a new era. Select your hero, equip your finest spells, and set off on an extraordinary adventure. Explore a vast world filled with vibrant creatures as you sail from one island to another, gradually increasing your power, honing your strategy, and unraveling the mysteries of a drifting world.

The game offers a fresh roleplaying game experience that is easy to get into, enjoyable, and engaging. It blends adventure and turn-based strategy, drawing inspiration from top tactical RPGs, while incorporating deckbuilding mechanics and a range of valuable items to collect.

Whether you prefer solo quests or group endeavors, prepare to face an assortment of whimsical monsters that grow in difficulty. Command the elements, unleash formidable spells, summon legendary companions, and engage your foes in close-quarters combat or from a safe distance. Triumph over them to earn abundant loot as your reward.

This is a really ambitious project that we believe in immensely. We can’t wait to present WAVEN to as many people as possible in its best version yet. Everyone at the studio put so much work into making this game a unique experience, and we’re really proud of the result.

Anthony Roux, creative director and CEO of Ankama

WAVEN download links are not live yet, but you can whislist it on Steam. It is very likely that the game will launch on all platforms simultaneously, with cross-play and cross-saves working from day one. Android and iOS versions of the game will be available at the official stores.

D.B. – “WAVEN, a tactical RPG in the making”

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