Dumb Ways to Die 4 out on Android and iOS

Building upon the successful franchise, PlaySide Studios decided that this is the right time to publish their fourth game of the series, Dumb Ways to Die 4. The game was released a few days ago on Android and iOS, follows the free-to-play model and promises mischief and mayhem beyond your wildest dreams. Also minigames, a lot of minigames.

About the game

Available for both iOS and Android, the latest installment of Dumb Ways to Die, Dumb Ways to Die 4, is now ready for download. This game offers an impressive collection of over 70 minigames set in various locations and environments. Players will be challenged with quick thinking as they face unexpected obstacles and race against time to rescue the Beans from their perilous fate. By accomplishing this heroic task, players will not only reconstruct Beanville but also unlock Beans with exceptional abilities, granting advantageous bonuses for the minigames.

Check out the official trailer here.

Although PlaySide continues to expand the Dumb Ways brand into different areas, the mobile titles will always be at the core of the franchise. For this ninth entry in the Dumb Ways to Die mobile game universe, we wanted to go back to the manic minigames people have long associated with the series. Think of Dumb Ways to Die 4 as the love child of the original Dumb Ways to Die game and Dumb Ways to Die 2.

Danny Armstrong, GM Mobile at PlaySide Studios


You can easily download Dumb Ways to Die 4 from the official stores (Google Play and Apple Store) for free, although couple of users complained about how the ads are implemented. Hopefully the developers will read the reviews and dial them down a notch… or two.

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