The Art of War: Card Game for Android and iOS

The Art of War: Card Game from Brightdawn Entertainment was just released on Android and iOS. A GWENT inspired card battle game set in fantasy-medieval world. In other words, this means the gameplay is all about the battles (against the AI) and pure tactics, no card grinding and collections.

About the game

The Art of War: Card Game is a card battler set in a fantasy-medieval world. It revolves around the conflict between four kingdoms, each driven by its own interests in an ongoing continent-wide war. Players assume the role of faction leaders, guiding their forces into battle against opponents from around the world.

Faction battles take the form of card duels, where victory depends on the player’s ability to strategically deploy their troops and make optimal use of the available cards. The outcome of each duel hinges solely on the player’s tactical skills.

One notable feature of The Art of War: Card Game is its focus on tactical gameplay rather than card collection mechanics. While the game offers a diverse selection of cards, their quantity is intentionally limited compared to other games. Moreover, all cards are accessible to players right from the beginning, ensuring a level playing field.


Apart from the mobile version, The Art of War: Card Game is also available on PC (Steam, Epic,, although still in early access. Links to Google Play and iTunes are live, so go ahead and give it a spin.

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