Vampire Survivors finally arrives on mobile

One of the most anticipated indie titles that was, for a time among the best selling titles on Steam, Vampire Survivors, was finally released on Android and iOS earlier today. Developers claim that this is a 1:1 port with few optimizations and tweaks to make the game more enjoyable while playing on the go. The developer claims that this is indeed, the full version of the game. Available for free?

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About the game

If you are unfamiliar with Vampire Survivors, this is a time survival game with ultra simple controls and roguelike elements. The goal is to survive for 30 minutes with the hero you choose, gain experience and upgrade weapons and perks. Wave after wave, the number of enemies increases significantly and the best way to survive is a careful planning ahead. Of course, not everything is made available to you at the start, you will have to unlock new stages and heroes by playing and solving some secrets.

Vampire Survivors runs great on Android, as long as you don’t have a low-end device or phone from 5 years ago. You can play in portrait and landscape, but make sure you visit the options menu to tweak everything to your liking. As long as you have 6+ gigabytes of RAM, and a half-decent CPU you shouldn’t experience major slowdowns even on later levels.

Curiously, the game has no in-app store, and apart from the occasional ads, I didn’t see any other monetization included. Sure, I only scratched the surface a bit, but there are no indications that you will hit a paywall down the line.

The developer is asking for patience as this is really, an early version of the game. He will implement fixes, improvements and enhancements as soon as possible. For example, some users are complaining about input lag (which I didn’t notice), floating joystick availability etc. This will probably be fixed real soon as the developer was very agile in supporting the game on Steam.


Dejan B. – “Vampire Survivors finally arrives on mobile”

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