Eversoul reaches 1M pre-registrations

Expected goals are met and all rewards are un-locked for everyone who pre-registers for the upcoming KAKAO Games RPG, Eversoul. If you plan on playing and you didn’t opt in yet, it’s not too late. Eversoul will be released on Android and iOS in early 2023, and the developers especially emphasize the graphics and character development, among all the other things.

About the game

Eversoul is a mobile RPG set in a vibrant fantasy world where players adopt the role of a ‘Savior’ who has been called upon by entities known as Souls to help defeat the invading enemies and ultimately save their world. Also featured within the game is a unique ‘relationship system’ in which through communication and various interactions, you may romance and strengthen your bonds with the Souls you have collected.

From the developers

Screenshots look great and for the gameplay we will have to wait and see. Eversoul was already showcased on big events such as G-STAR 2022 and AGF 2022 held in South Korea, but I haven’t tried the game myself (yet), nor I received early access. You can check out the trailer here. To pre-register and get your hands on some of the launch day rewards, follow the links below.

D.B. – “Eversoul reaches 1M pre-registrations”

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