[Update] Real Boxing gets a multiplayer mode

“Vivid Games” released a feature packed update for their #1 boxing game, integrating the real time multiplayer mode, new online betting system, support for achievements and global leaderboards. Dust off your boxing gloves and get ready to break jaws online 3 … 2 … 1

For those that aren’t familiar with this game, Real Boxing is a 3D Unreal engine 3 powered boxing game that puts you in the ring against motion captured AI controlled fighters. If you feel like you need more training before jumping online, you can still play the career mode, win belts and titles, customize your clothing, upgrade your equipment and train to improve your abilities by skipping ropes and punching bags.

The latest patch brings in the multiplayer mode where you can face other fighters online, the betting system that allows you to bet on your fight outcome to win in-game currency and full support for Google Game Services including both achievements and global leaderboards. Unfortunately we didn’t get the cool V-Motion Gesture Control System from iOS where you can track your motions by using the camera on the device you play. Maybe in some future update? If possible of course.

To celebrate the new multiplayer mode, Vivid Games is offering a pricecut of 80% for a limited time. If you ever planed getting this game, now would be a good time as it costs only $0.97, but keep in mind that features optional IAP’s as well (but no ads). You can find the link below, or update using Google Play from your device directly.

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